Sunday, April 4, 2010

Home is Where the Heart Is

I went home this past week for spring break and I must say i've never enjoyed being home as much as I did this time around. Bakersfield was always a place I hated when I was younger but now that i'm older I've found so many amazing hidden gems in the city every one seems to hate.

The first night I went out I went & hung out with my friend Brenna. She introduced to me to a new crowd full of musicians and reckless souls. It was nice to hang out with a new scene and kick back. Did I mention every one could play guitar & had amazing music taste?

The next day I ended up hanging out with Melanie. We had lunch at an amazing sub place in downtown Bakersfield called Sub Station, and then coffee at a place across the street called Dagny's. It was a nice little outing. I love the vibes that downtown Bakersfield has. It's so unique and old.

Later that night I hung out with Carleigh, Melanie, & Madision. It was a night full of wine, chatroulette, driving the outskirts of Bakersfield, & good conversation.

Thursday morning rolled around and I found myself laying in bed being a bum. I had been meaning to take a trip to Rad Thrift store while I was I was home, but wasn't sure if i should get up and check the place out that day. That was until my phone buzzed and low and behold it was my brain twin Brenna edging me to go with her to Rad Thrift. I didn't come out with much just a simple summer shirt that I found hiding between the racks. Brenna however found an enormousness amount of gems.

Friday day was my favorite day out of all of them. My mom was off from work so I was able to spend a good amount of time just hanging out with her. We went to my grandparents house which is between Bakersfield and Lamont. The house that they live on is set on 5 acres of land which includes a ranch that was once full of life and a mini gas station & feeding store on Weedpatch Highway. As a child the ranch used to be thriving with goats, cows and pigs. My younger cousins and I used to help my grandpa feed the cows and try to catch baby goats for fun. I'm not going to lie it's an amazing childhood memory to look back on. It saddens me a little to go back and see how abandoned the place is. The grass is tall and the animals have been absent for years.


I also found this picture of my mom back in the day. My dad used to be a photographer when he was younger as an occupation. My mom was his muse. I really like this picture it's always been a favorite of mine.

This night I ended up stopping by Brenna's place to exchange music before I went to the Hookah Bar and a friend of a friends house for beer pong. Noah and the Arks and MInature Tigers are one of my new favorite bands.

Even though I don't have pictures from the couple nights before that i'd have to say those were my favorite ones. I was able to hang out with old friends that I've known since before sophomore year of high school. It was fun to interact and meet new personality's and get to know familar ones better.

Its funny how timing works out in life. It can be a sad thing when you think about it, but I guess every thing works out for the best in the end. I've heard that time & distance make the heart grow fonder, at this point I really hope that isn't true.

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