Monday, April 19, 2010

In Search

I’ve realized that the best things in life are when you least expect them to happen. It always happens that way. Whether its new friends, music, clothing or even boys. Some of my favorite friends are ones that I didn’t expect to find, my favorite music is music I stumbled upon and the memorable boys in my life are the ones I never thought to imagine.
I realized this even more so today after attending the Long Beach antique flea market. I went in hopes of finding a new pair of sunglasses since my last ones broke on Friday. I ended up walking away with a film and a headband, two things I would have never expected to walk away with.

I enjoyed my day roaming around the different vendors coming across odd things. My favorite was an autograph book. I feel as though the book was for a kid who was moving away to California. A girl since the book was pink. Since I’ll never know the real story behind the book full of riddles all I can do is create my own story through what I see. My favorite page was this one

The book.

Other pages.

Anyways I came across a number of things that were interesting. After I realized I wouldn’t find the sunglasses I had hoped for I just browsed in search of nothing, and what I found was something.
Lately I’ve stopped searching for things. I simply just let things or people find me now. It’s fun to just see where life is going to take you rather than searching and searching, for sometimes something that you’ll never find.

The Playground.


The only pair of sunglasses we found.


Words to live by.

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  1. You are one inspirational and extremely intelligent woman. Your words to live by are words that all should aspire to live their lives by.