Monday, June 7, 2010

The Bookshelf

I’ve always heard the phrase some ones trash is another persons treasure. Many times people don’t see the beauty in an item or person anymore, so they remove the person or item out of their life. The thing with life is that, there’s always some one else that see’s the beauty that another is blind to. This is where this blog entry comes in, I was one of those people that found beauty in another's trash.

The other day when I was driving around Hollywood, I came across this old beat bookshelf. It was sitting in the street, well next to a dumpster waiting to be whisked away to the dump. For some reason I felt compelled to put it in my car and take it with me, and I did. I brought it back to Bakersfield with me, and transformed it from an old rusted shelf into a sleek black shelf. I can’t wait to find a place for it in my room back in Long Beach.



Here are a few more pictures from my dog park adventure I had with an old friend & my beautiful timid canine friend. I guess you could say my dog was another treasure I found on the streets, when some one else let her go.




The army of dogs.

Friendly husky, but not as pretty as Maestro.

J's Geisha. (not mine)

Puppy Love.

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